Scratters? is where you'll find Derek Fountain and Tina Reinson. Since we travel around a bit, and it's unpredictable even which continent we'll be on from one year to the next, it made sense for us to have a single contact point. This website is it.

The name is the product of an difficult couple of hours spent trying to think of a domain name we could register. We wanted something simple, easy to spell and memorable. Coming up with something which fit those critera and which wasn't already registered was a task in itself. Eventually the name popped up in conversation, and lo!, 30 seconds later it was ours.

Tina Reinson is a pilates instructor and propietor of Pure Pilates. Click here to see her biography and details of her pilates groups, matwork and reformer work.
We've been together since 1995 and currently llive in Perth, Western Australia. Together we run our desk based exercise startup business, Core Minutes.
Derek Fountain is a freelance IT consultant, programmer and technical writer. Click here to see his biography, and details of his articles and computer work.